Welcome to my channel! I focus on creating PlayStation 4, PlayStation 2, & PC gaming videos. I upload videos regularly, generally almost every day. I plan to focus on the Call of Duty series the most, but I do lots of other games - mainly other FPS games, third-person shooter games, racing games, & open world action-adventure games. My videos are part "walkthrough" in that I try to show most of the important stuff, & part "let's play" but without a commentary in that I don't always show every part. I often leave out boring or very short (like ones under a minute) missions, & usually leave out cutscenes as well as things like gathering collectibles. I do try to show most of the dialogue in missions though. So to sum things up, I like to think I mainly focus on the "action" in the games. I hope you enjoy my content. YouTube Handle: @RisingSunNetwork

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SunLIVE | Just Cause on PS2: Free Roam

SunLIVE | Just Cause on PS2: Free Roam

138 Просм.
The Prison Fort (Breakout) | Just Cause on PS2

The Prison Fort (Breakout) | Just Cause on PS2

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