Cootie - 2Tone (feat. NBA YoungBoy) [Official Music Video]



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Cootie - 2Tone feat. NBA YoungBoy (Official Music Video) Stream/Download: 🤍 Subscribe for more official content from Cootie: 🤍 Follow Cootie: 🤍🤍 🤍 🤍🤍 #Cootie #2Tone #youngboyneverbrokeagain

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Cootie - 2Tone (feat. NBA YoungBoy) [Official Music Video]
Cootie - 2Tone (feat. NBA YoungBoy) [Official Music Video]
Cootie - 2Tone (feat. NBA YoungBoy) [Official Music Video]
Cootie - 2Tone (feat. NBA YoungBoy) [Official Music Video]
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2023-11-08 03:22:40

This shi hard og 🔥

2023-10-21 18:01:23

Row my boat bitch row my boat🔥

2023-10-14 19:55:35

This here hard!
🔥 🎶 📻 🔊

2023-09-27 14:24:24

I love seeing folks in my lineup linking w my favorite rapper

2023-09-26 18:07:42

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥work hard only the bros

2023-09-20 01:04:13

Needa redo this this song with bigxthaplug. They would murder this

2023-09-12 18:32:32

This deserves way more views

2023-09-11 07:53:54

Thanks to NBA young boy for almost nothing. It cuts from top notch music video to this dude rapping in his bedroom mirror. Weeeeeeeeak! Song would have been better with another verse from cootie! One💙Playboy ace

2023-09-08 21:23:08

These are fake comments

2023-08-19 16:13:12

Cootie different ❤❤❤

2023-08-19 02:07:47

🔥. slow row 🥱 😅

2023-08-15 04:56:21

The hook ass verses ok

2023-08-02 20:35:15

XLaOteVFCnc&t=1m43s 1:43

2023-07-28 04:31:55

Cooties from blytheville Arkansas and so I so have to show the reapect

2023-07-07 10:41:53

He shouldn't have release this track back then, now would've been the perfect timing

2023-07-05 19:49:37

greatest 🪖🔝

2023-07-01 16:00:36

Yb carried the song with his verse

2023-06-25 08:13:55


2023-06-21 22:46:22

Is cootie still signed to gucci??? aint no way bc gucci fw durk.. dont make no sense

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